With CESAR, you have a complete working environment for managing a project from start to finish. CESAR benefits from the experience gained from its reference customers (Natixis, Orange, West France , SNCF, RSI, …). You have at your disposal a dedicated and sole project space for your business in order to share all the information and who does what at all levels (managers, project managers, contributors). This information is then consolidated at the portfolio level and the programs to provide better visibility. Each management group can drive the allocation of resources and the cost of their projects.

CESAR allows you to manage all components of a project

  • Planning

  • Budget

  • Workload plan

  • Organization

  • Reporting

CESAR is a networked collaborative solution. Each actor has their own personal space to manage their activities, planned staff workload and their ability to do the job. The project manager has a consolidated area for each player in real time for all workplaces and construction sites.

Designed around a flexible and agile architecture, CESAR is a generic solution and is compatible with all of the project management methods: PMP, COBIT, PRINCE2, ITIL, Scrum, …

Added value of CESAR

  • User-friendly scheduling: the construction of the Gantt chart is accomplished using a generator that incorporates all the changes to your project in real-time. With CESAR, there is a unified schedule for all those using the system. CESAR planning can be done by a novice in project management and can be updated via smartphone.

  • Dynamic monitoring of the project. Periodic review of the project is based on updates of the weather and risks. Each actor can update their actions and provide commentary which contributes to real-time communication.

  • Monitoring of deliverables and results: CESAR defines deliverables and links these deliverables to your actions. You can visualize critical actions and stumbling blocks.

  • Management roles and commitments: CESAR defines roles (sponsor, project manager, responsible worksite, contributor) and manages the personal commitment of each in terms of their capacity to accomplish the job.

  • Management of time spent and costs: each participant has a time sheet for communicating information about their contribution to project activities and activities outside of the project. CESAR allows you to measure the costs by resource category (Occupation, MOA , MOE).


«  Less emails, fewer meetings and more team cohesion. We no longer have scattered Excel files»

« Assistance in structuring projects, deliverables and actions. We start from a good foundation because CESAR helps us ask the right questions. You are never lost in the app!”

« Less time spent preparing reports, more responsiveness. Dashboards are available with one click. We no longer waste time consolidating information from different sources”