CESAR lets you control : What is done ( projects) , what you can do ( ability to ) & what you want to do ( strategy and objectives) – with short and medium-long term visions.


CESAR helps you prioritize and arbitrate between different projects in your company. You have a view of the stock of projects and resources to ensure the balance between your goals and means. With CESAR, you can create investment scenarios, identify possible paths and simulate your ability to accomplish different objectives. The solution allows you to manage project (Build) and non-project (Run) costs and thus verify the actual availability of resources. CESAR allows you to validate the projects in order to commit available resources or acquire them (subcontracting) .

CESAR helps you to

  • Develop your decision making abilities with reliable information

  • Create a planning strategy (Roadmap for medium/long term)

  • With a picture of commitments and results at all levels of the company

  • Providing a coherent report for all participants as well as executive management

  • Align your projects with your strategy and budgets

  • Measure return-on-investment

  • Adapt your investments based on new priorities

  • Manage by value, score requests and build “business cases

  • Validate opportunities with decisive criteria

  • Reduce decision making delays or go / no go delays