Project management office (PMO)


A 360° view of all projects

From strategic initiatives to small projects

The PMO brings together project managers and provides multi-project reporting.

Supporting project managers

The PMO supports project managers and programme directors. It proposes resource distribution, detects conflicts and anticipates collisions.

It is a real support to the management of projects, programmes and portfolios of an organisation.

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A 360° management cockpit

With CESAR, the PMO has a vision by project portfolio: departments, product lines, customers, sectors, etc.
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Reporting / Data export

With CESAR, the PMO has real-time reporting in the application. He can also export daily data to broaden a PowerBI type dashboard.
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Manage a portfolio of projects with agility and responsiveness

All CESAR data interacts with each other in real time.

Managing a project portfolio is complex and communication with N project managers is not easy. As a PMO, you provide support, methodological help, a framework and a common vocabulary. The priorities between projects are based on reliable calculations and you propose pragmatic arbitrations. It is possible to anticipate the impact of a new project or the absence of a project manager in an area. Planning and simulation capabilities allow you to propose scenarios and alternatives.

It allocates the most suitable profiles for the success of a project as well as the resources in the projects. Resource optimisation is a crucial issue for decision makers.

PMO is particularly useful in situations where there are many projects to manage or where resources from several different departments need to be coordinated.


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Improve your relationship with project managers

CESAR provides key information on the progress of projects and possible communication for your project managers. The PMO can visualise synchronisation issues on key milestones, resource or skill conflicts between several projects, project manager occupancy rates, risk consolidation, etc.

The community of project managers shares the CESAR platform with a common method and language. We see a faster appropriation of the project management method and an effective sharing of good practices, tips and tricks and advice for success.



Improve exchanges and communicate in all work situations

Teleworking, face-to-face, remote, the PMO is connected with all project teams.

The PMO job has evolved from project manager assistance to a project portfolio manager. The project office is located in IT and/or within the business lines. In all cases, it must provide a precise overview of overall progress, investment possibilities, margins for manoeuvre, reserves of power to undertake new projects, etc. The necessary information is centralised in the CESAR database.

The PMO is at the heart of the monitoring of project execution.


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Become the reference for the management of your project

Your experience, coupled with CESAR’s efficiency, gives you optimal visibility on the success of the project. CESAR enables you to provide relevant advice, effective methods, efficient systems and reliable project management tools for the success of the project.

Master the important PMO issues of project progress, project quality and managing delays and budget overruns.

CESAR is also particularly relevant in a multi-project environment.

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