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CESAR.TEAM provides you with pragmatic advice and innovative solutions to manage your projects and efficiently manage your company's resources.

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CESAR software helps you organize teamwork to know who does what, why and how. Improve the management of your teams, projects and tasks.

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CESAR, a tailor-made collaborative solution

CESAR, un outil PPM modulaire et clef en main !


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A solution aligned with your processes

A tailor-made solution

CESAR.TEAM is a business solution aligned with your corporate governance and project portfolio management processes. It is a unique solution for your organization that is based on international management and management norms and standards.

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Task management
Deadlines / Roles & Responsibilities / Task sharing and tracking
Time management
Timesheets / Validation of time spent / Consolidation of time spent
Project management
Planning / Budget / Weather report
Resource management
Resource planning / Holiday planning / Team occupancy rate
Customer invoicing / Edition and validation of invoices / Internal inter-BU invoicing
Management control
Control of purchases / resales / Control and validation of expenses / Management of invoicing cycles
Production follow-up
Project earned value monitoring / Production in euros / KPI monitoring (ADR, TPM, ...)
Reporting & API
Real time dashboards / Data export for BI solution / API (Salesforce, SAP, ...)

Our customers recognize that CESAR is a simple, fast and flexible solution for organizing teamwork!

100% customizable

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Visual management

100% customizable


Easy to use

Visual management

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CESAR TEAM offers several software solutions for project and project portfolio management. Here are some of the key features of its solutions:

Project management :

Project planning and monitoring : Define your objectives, break them down into tasks and monitor their progress.

Resource management : Assign human and material resources to projects based on their availability and skills.

Collaboration and Communication : Communicate and collaborate with your team members in real time.

Reporting and analysis : Track the performance of your projects and identify areas for improvement.

Project portfolio management:

Project prioritization : Align your projects with your organization’s strategy and prioritize them based on their importance.

Resource allocation : Optimize the allocation of your financial and human resources to the most important projects.

Portfolio performance monitoring : Visualize the progress of your projects and identify potential risks.

Strategic decision making : Make strategic decisions based on reliable and objective data.

In addition to these key features, CESAR TEAM also offers solutions for:

  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Management control
  • Human resources management

CESAR TEAM adapts to the specific needs of each organization and offers personalized solutions. The company also offers consulting and support services to help its customers implement and use its solutions optimally.


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Salesforce partner

Salesforce has chosen CESAR as its European partner for project management. CESAR allows you to follow the good execution of the contracts signed with Salesforce.

One stop solution

CESAR.TEAM is a unique solution to manage the entire life cycle of your business, projects and contracts. You manage the studies and the execution of the projects from start to finish (Planning, budget, load plan, reporting, etc.).

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