The concept of security system of urban communication systems.

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Partner of CESAR solutions and exclusive distributor for the Bouygues group and its customers

C2S Bouygues

C2S Bouygues is the digital subsidiary of the Bouygues group and supports all the group’s IT departments in their digital transformation. The company’s business is project management in contracting, fixed price and TMA mode. With 300 people working in project mode, C2S implemented CESAR to unify its teams in a cross-functional management process that covers the monitoring of assignments, follow-up of production and financial management.

The objective

C2S's historical system consisted of a time management software for assignments, EXCEL grids for monitoring missions and a database for the economic management of missions. In order to face a strong growth, the management committee looked for a collaborative and simple solution. The functional requirements were:
  • A simple and efficient follow-up of the imputations
  • Real-time production monitoring
  • A follow-up of the operational margin
  • Essential project management functions for the teams


The CESAR team set up a custom solution made up of standard bricks in order to meet several requirements:
  • An efficient follow-up of the imputations
  • A follow-up of the purchases/sales of materials and services
  • A control of the production in euros
  • Real-time management of project portfolios (contracting, fixed price, TPAM)

Cesar has enabled

A federation of teams

Financial reporting from CESAR used by the management committee

Optimization of the company's margin

The key points of the project

Strong reactivity of the CESAR teams

A methodological assistance

A high level of quality in the deliveries (no bug)

Centralizes its project management around the CESAR solution


Natixis, a subsidiary of the BPCE group, is a financing, management and financial services bank. The bank has undertaken the digital transformation of its various businesses. In this context, the General Management needed a collaborative solution to federate its various digital teams and control the costs of the program.

The objective

To meet the need for a multi-entity transversal vision with a fluid ergonomics for managers.

The digital program has generated a multiplication of strategic initiatives and projects. The need for coherence and global management emerged very quickly among all the directors.

A call for tenders for a PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) solution was launched, which allowed CESAR to stand out because of its ergonomics and a lower financial investment than with the other offers evaluated.


CESAR was adapted and customized in a short period of time (less than 2 months) in order to offer users a high-performance work environment. Training was provided in the form of one- or two-hour themed coffee sessions to introduce users to CESAR.

Gilles Berrous

Director of the Specialized Financial Services (SFS) division
"We needed reliable reporting on a scope of 500 managers. The collaboration with the CESAR consultants was fruitful and successful. We were using office tools (Excel, PPT) and MS Project in a tedious management of files and data. With CESAR, we have moved to an efficient project management thanks to the sharing of a steering database. In addition, having a single contact for CESAR, who masters the project management business, was a major asset and very valuable for working with confidence and peace of mind."

Cesar has enabled

A significant reduction in decision-making times within the business departments

Visibility into the cross-functional nature of the subjects

Rigorous collection of digital transformation ideas

Save time on multi-subsidiary reporting

Key points of the project

Strong support in a delicate internal political context

Coordination of a project involving more than eight subsidiaries and eight management committees

Management of project portfolios by digital community (big data, digital client, etc.)

A cloud-based authorization system

Available, responsive and competent technical support

Accelerating the modernization of its services with CESAR


SNCF is one of the world’s leading groups in passenger mobility. Trains, passenger services, cards and subscriptions, dialogue, ticket reservation … SNCF is modernizing its infrastructures, its network and its passenger services.

The objective

Unite the PMOs on the digital transformation of services The SNCF's historical project management system was a heterogeneous system of methods, office tools and software. In order to give meaning and clear roles to the project teams, a call for tenders on a PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) solution was launched in 2015 which allowed CESAR to stand out from the competition because of its simplicity, its power and a lower financial investment than with the other evaluated offers. The functional requirements were:
  • A follow-up of the execution in multi-projects
  • A vision by R&D and innovation departments
  • Consistency of procedures for all PMOs in the regions
  • Effective control of budgets


In 12 months, the CESAR team succeeded in developing a "tailor-made" solution with a unique database that adapts to the requirements of each of the user profiles, both in terms of business and technical aspects.


Quality and Collaborative Tools Manager - Passenger IT Department
"The implementation of the CESAR project was a success. The CESAR consultants are efficient, available and responsive."

Cesar has enabled

The integration of several EXCEL forms (safety forms, TER forms, etc.)

Mobilization of all PMOs on the CESAR tooling

National deployment in all regions of France

Real time reporting for the General Management

Key points of the project

A strong reactivity of the development teams in an agile mode

Ergonomics in contrast to other solutions on the market

Available, responsive and competent technical support

A high level of quality in the deliveries (no bug)

CESAR is referenced on the multi-publisher market UGAP - Union of Public Purchasing Groups. The UGAP referencing is a guarantee of the quality of the CESAR software. It simplifies the purchase of licenses and associated services with prices negotiated within the UGAP catalog.


Gérer votre projet en mode agile


Recevez les notifications des dérapages en délai ou en budget


Mettre à jour la météo de votre projet : le reporting est ensuite automatique


Visualisez sur une ligne tous les jalons d’un projet. Personnalisez vos jalons comme vous le souhaitez


Votre projet est un ensemble de livrables à réaliser


Planifiez en compétences ou ressources génériques avant d’affecter des ressources réelles

Temps passés

Gérer les temps passés et les feuilles de temps de vos collaborateurs avec un workflow


Pourquoi avez-vous besoin d'un logiciel de gestion de projet ?

Gérer un projet n’est pas facile. Un tiers des projets n’aboutissent pas. C’est encore plus difficile de :
  • Partager un planning commun
  • Suivre l’avancement avec une multitude de grilles Excel
  • Fédérer des acteurs sur plusieurs sites et en télétravail
  • Travailler en asynchrone sur des sujets complexes
CESAR vous permet de partager des données fiables sur les échéances, les affectations de ressources et les dépenses. Ces données sont sécurisées et sont accessibles avec une sécurité forte.


Pourquoi votre équipe va-t-elle adopter un logiciel de gestion de projet ?

La réussite d’un projet n’est pas uniquement entre les mains d’un chef de projet. De plus, on sait que :
  • Les logiciels de gestion de projet sont en général complexes
  • Les contributeurs n’ont pas le temps de faire du reporting
  • Le vocabulaire de la gestion de projet est peu maîtrisé
CESAR vous apporte :
  • Un vocabulaire commun
  • Une méthode simple et efficace pour gérer tous les projets
  • Une pédagogie
  • Un logiciel userfriendly qui n’a pas besoin de formation
  • Un travail en équipe efficace
  • Une communication rapide
  • Une gestion simple des tâches élémentaires
  • Des fonctions adaptées autant pour les juniors que pour les experts
  • Un suivi complet des projets : qualité-coûts-délais-risques