CESAR is designed to foster a culture of innovation and projects within your company

ECRAN_CESAR_9Historically, this culture has only been in the hands of project managers. Today, it also permeates throughout occupations and executive management where it is needed to manage projects using “business” and not just “techniques”. CESAR covers the needs of beginners and project management experts alike by bringing together all the actors onto a single and consistent platform. Everyone is better able to adapt and anticipate.

In the digital age, working in the old way with EXCEL and PPT media is now outdated.

CESAR is a user-friendly software system for Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management that helps you to

  • Translate strategy into projects using roadmaps, budgets

  • Define and prioritize projects: planning, workload

  • Managing resources: ability to create and assign roles and skills

  • Project Management : on scope, on time, on budget

  • Boost cross-company communication

What are the advantages of CESAR ?

The return on investment (ROI) can be measured by the following indicators

  • A reduction of 10 to 30% in control costs
  • An improvement of 10 to 30% in the productivity of teams
  • A decrease of 50 % in PMO costs

For a management team comprised of 10 project managers without a full-time collaborative tool, using CESAR can result in a savings of one FTE (Full-time equivalent). This person can then do more analysis and the indirect benefit may be quite significant for decision support (launch the right projects at the right time) .

What are the application areas ?


The digital transformation program is run with CESAR and 200 managers .


“CESAR has enabled us to lead innovative projects with an agile approach within a hierarchical and compartmentalized culture. The tool is structuring and has structured our project management practices.


The main program of the company is structured, organized and controlled with CESAR .