CESAR is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Portfolio Project Management (PPM) software. CESAR provides all the tools for all stakeholders in a company working on projects such as Project Manager, Directors, teams… The application CESAR supports these actors all along processes and the project lifecycle.

CESAR is an additional tool to CRM software (Saesforce)  since it enables the company to have an overview from start to end of the project thanks to time and expense tracking and resources planning and allocation. CESAR allows the company to match supply with demand and negotiate for resources according to employee’s availability.

CESAR enables companies to have time details related to a resource and its projects and to all project plans of the company. The project manager or director is able to have a global vision of its budget department, an end-to-end overview of its projects, and provide reporting to the top management with advanced dashboards. CESAR offers user-friendly interface: each stakeholder view its projects and resources under Gantt Planning. CESAR is a customizable and flexible software for each customer which enable each client to appropriate CESAR

What business Problem does CESAR solve ?

CESAR is able to solve complex communications related to projects and programs in the company. It offers real time multi-projects planning for companies, business unit, departments or teams. CESAR control costs and gross margin for each project and provides then an overview of the global budget.

Sales and pre-sales can control costs of their opportunities or projects by aligning business goals thanks to the CESAR/SALESFORCE interface for example. CESAR is also able to issue invoices to customers and monitor customer accounts. With advanced dashboards for reporting, employees gain an overview of their projects and budget precision and therefore the company’s business.

CESAR ensures that the right employees are in the right place at the right time in an all-in-one integrated solution – it is a problem-solving app for the company.

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